Expanding its wire product offering

Luvata announces it has purchased the electronics wire manufacturer Accurate Wire, Inc. Accurate Wire is a privately held company located in Branford, Connecticut USA and manufacturer of custom shaped wires commonly used in electronic connector applications. This acquisition reinforces Luvata’s commitment to expanding its speciality wire product offering to customers worldwide.

Founded in 1988, the Branford facility currently employs 25 people and in 2015 generated $12M in sales revenue. The purchase of Accurate Wire will see Luvata assuming the long term lease on the 60,000 square foot facility in Branford along with ownership of the rolling, wire drawing, annealing and in-line eddy current and laser inspection equipment.

“As the world’s leading manufacturer of many highly specialized, niche products including battery wire, photovoltaic ribbon, welding wire and superconducting wire and cables,” indicates Jussi Helavirta, President of Luvata Special Products division, “combined with the manufacturing know-how and capacity of our long-term partner Accurate Wire, Luvata is well prepared in meeting the expanding needs of our combined wire customers worldwide.”

“This is good news for Accurate Wire, Luvata, and our customers,” says Douglas Milheim, co-founder and President of Accurate Wire. “We have had a good, long-standing relationship with Luvata for ten years. Now as part of the Luvata Group, a more vertically integrated business with much larger global footprint, we will thrive.” Accurate Wire specializes in the supply of square, flat, round and custom shaped wire made out of copper, copper alloys, steel and aluminum for the Electronics, Automotive, Medical and Aerospace industries.

About Luvata

Luvata is a combination of metallurgical expertise, application know-how and close customer relationships coming together to make the most of metal. 

This tradition was set in motion many years before the Luvata we know today - a tradition steeped in solving problems by doing marvelous things with metal. 

We focus on offering complex, high quality metal products along with superior technical support that lend significant value. We develop new solutions in partnership with our customers to overcome the challenges facing industries including automotive, science, electronics, power generation and distribution, renewable energy, healthcare, metals and mining. 

Why so special? With an extensive list of capabilities including annealing, cold forming, drawing, machining, billet and continuous extruding and continuous casting, we can manufacture the customized solution that is just right for you.

About Accurate Wire, Inc.

Accurate Wire was formed in 1988 by Douglas J. Milheim and Matthew B. Smith, with a combined total of 60 years of experience in manufacturing specialty wire. Originally founded to manufacture square and round wire for electronic connector applications, Accurate Wire expanded its equipment base to allow for the production of flat and special shaped wire.

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